About Us

If you are a person, who is a self proclaimed rider loves to ride at high speed, doing stunts and putting life of others into danger… then I suggest you to please… press the X button on the upper right corner of the screen…

This place is for those who love to hear the whistling sound of the wind and feel refreshed getting enamored by the rhythm of the thin white lines of the moving road.

If you enjoy the wind against your helmet visor, venturing into unexplored terrains on a bike ride, beyond the realm of your boring life, with a team of enthusiasts that wants to be evolved into a cult, then look no further – be a part of The Mauryans – a tribe in making thoset rides out every month, come hail or storm, to add life to our days!

We, The Mauryans, are the first riding club of North Bihar, founded by some riding enthusiasts where any vehicle owner, whether it is a Two Wheeler or a Four Wheeler, can join and enjoy the events and the benefits provided by the club.

Our sole motive is to ride for a social cause...
We ride for the betterment of the society.

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